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Want answers faster than a cheetah chasing a gazelle? Ask DeskSense! With our AI-powered Chrome extension will GET you the answers faster than a race car on rocket fuel.

And the best part? You can SAVE your answers like precious trading cards in our cloud storage and SHARE them with your amigos using our web app.


Do you hate getting stuck on a problem like a piece of gum on your shoe? DeskSense is like a trusty sidekick that helps you solve problems, write code, and even gives your content creation, blog post, article, social media post a power-up!
With its Chrome extension, you'll get relevant and related results super fast. And that's not all! DeskSense can also Regenerate and Summarize your work, so it's easier to understand. Plus, you can Save, Edit, add Tags, Notes, and even Share the result with your pals. DeskSense: making work a party since forever!

How Desksense Work?

On Chrome Extension

Analyze Text from any Website for Relevant Answers

Surf the web like a boss! DeskSense brings the knowledge to you with real-time insights and info, straight from your selected text across any webpage. It's like a personal genie, but for browsing!

Get Answers to All Your Questions!

DeskSense is your new bestie! Ask any question, get suggestions on any topic, or engage in conversation on a wide range of subjects using our "Prompts" and "Context" inputs. And the best part? You can save those epic responses for future cringe moments. Voila! It even takes care of your 30 days draft history. Talk about a win-win!

Regenerate and Summarize Answers!

Regenerate and summarize the content until you're left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. DeskSense will sync your brain and heart faster than a love potion!

Save the Answer and Favorite, Tag, Copy to Clipboard

DeskSense saves more than just the day - it saves your content too! Keep it safe in your personalized DeskSense app for future edits, shares, and comedic relief.

DeskSense knows organization is key! Favorite and Tag your content for Easy Searching, like a librarian on speed. And with one click, copy to clipboard - boom, roasted!

Complex Excel Formulas

DeskSense is an effective tool for creating complex Excel formulas and algorithms. DeskSense can create a formula that performs the desired function or operation in response to a prompt that specifies these requirements.

Email Communication

Sound like a pro in your emails without lifting a finger. DeskSense analyzes your message and spits out the perfect words to make you sound like a true email ninja. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Marketing Content Ideation

DeskSense is a content magician! It pulls blog posts, articles, and social media ideas out of thin air. With OpenAI's advanced algorithms, it analyzes online content to generate video scripts and suggest topics and keywords. It's like having a content fairy godmother to grant your audience-engaging wishes!

Coding Solutions Made Easy

DeskSense is like a magical genie for coders! It grants wishes in the form of code snippets, tailored to the user's problems. It's like having a personal coding tutor who speaks your language, even if your language is "baby talk" in Python.

Social Media Posts

DeskSense is a social media wizard! It conjures up posts and replies that are so good, they'll get more likes than a puppy wearing a tutu. Its secret? Data-driven insights and language processing - the perfect recipe for social media success.

Desksense Engine

Unleash the power of Desksense with the magical "ASK" button next to Google search. This will make your internet browsing less "searching" and more "finding".

Word Count , Auto complete, Add your own Prompts

DeskSense is like having your own personal cheerleader! With word count and auto-complete, it'll cheer you on as you write. Plus, with the "add your own prompts" feature, you can train DeskSense to be your own personal assistant. Just don't forget to pay it in ones and zeroes.

AI Image Creator

Unleash the artistic genius within you without lifting a brush! With our AI Image Creator, paint vibrant worlds and awe-inspiring landscapes with just a Prompt. Choose the dimension of your image from three size options and Save your masterpiece in a click. No artistic skills required—let our AI do the talking.

How Desksense Work?

On Web App

With the DeskSense web interface, you'll get all the bells and whistles of the Chrome Extension and more, making it the ultimate sidekick for your browsing adventures. It's like the Batman to your Chrome Extension Robin. With AI-powered features, you'll have a personal assistant better than Alfred!

Add & Edit Card

Let our Web APP be your personal ghostwriter! Just give it a "Prompt" and some "Context", and voila! Human-like text-based AI content at your fingertips. Edit and format it to your liking, then save it as your own personal collection of content cards. And if you change your mind, you can always "Save", "Archive" or "Delete" those suckers!

My DeskSense

Click "My DeskSense" and bask in the glory of your saved content. Edit, view, and relive those cringe-worthy moments to your heart's content!

Add Prompts, Tags and Notes

Organize your life with DeskSense! Add Tags and Notes to your content cards, and never lose a thought again. And with the "add your own prompts" feature it's like having a coach that never benches you.

Favorite, Social Sharing & Email

Mark that AI-powered DeskSense content as your "favorite" and keep it close to your heart. And if you want to show it off, Share it on email or social media. We won't judge your newfound love!

Filters or Search

Can't find that one Card that makes your heart skip a beat? Fear not! Use our "Filter" options to sort through your Favorites, Tags, and Prompts. And if all else fails, just use the Search option and find that lost love!

Light and Dark Mode

DeskSense is a chameleon of sorts! With its Light and Dark modes, it'll adapt to your eyes like a true friend. And like any good friend, it won't judge you for staying up too late browsing the internet.

AI-Driven Image Generator

Unleash the Picasso within your keyboard strokes! Introducing the AI Image Generator, the web app that turns pixels into masterpieces. From serene sunsets to funky abstracts, this virtual brush strokes the canvas of your imagination. Choose the dimension of your image from three different options. Add Tags and Notes so that you never lose your "Monalisa" again. No artist's block, just endless inspiration.

AI-Driven Chat Bot

Tired of human small talk? Meet our AI Chatbot, the ultimate conversation companion! It listens, understands, and responds with wit sharper than a tongue-twister. From gossip to philosophy, it's always a game. Never worry about awkward silences or dull chit-chat again.

*All the content in this webpage has been created using DeskSense.


Check our Pricing

    • Startup

      50,000 words/month
      22% OFF
      billed yearly
      $6.25 billed monthly
      Advantages of Startup
      • 50,000 words/month
      • 50 images/month
      • Chat with AI (AI-based Chatbot)
      • All Benefits of Basic Plan
      • 24*7 Email & Video Support
      • Early access to beta features
    • Pro

      2,00,000 words/month
      17% OFF
      billed yearly
      $16.58 billed monthly
      Advantages of Pro
      • 2,00,000 words/month
      • 200 images/month
      • Chat with AI (AI-based Chatbot)
      • All Benefits of Startup Plan
      • Additional benefits and support
Desksense has word limitation to 750 words per query. The limit of words in your plan is the total number of responses you're getting from Desksense. You'll see a word counter after each responses.
  • One Query ~ 3500 characters ~ 750 English words (Max)
  • Count of words may vary for other languages
  • Regenerate will be counted as new query
  • Access to additional increase in word limit includes Free plan

For more details, feedback, billing or any queries, please mail us at


What they are saying about us

Remarkable Content Generator - Desksense AI

This intuitive tool provides user-friendly mediums to generate coding, contents, tutorials etc. It effectively breaks down complex terms, making learning smooth and engaging. This is an excellent platform to enhance your knowledge.
The icing on the cake is the ease of use of Desksense . It's highly user-friendly and doesn't require any technical prowess to navigate through, making it perfect for users with varying technical skills.
One of the standout features of Desksense is its mobile application. The app mirrors the efficiency and simplicity of the web version, allowing me to learn, practice, and refine my skills on the go.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Desksense AI for anyone, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional seeking to brush up on your skills.

Sam Lance

Super-charged my productivity level!

Desksense has truly amplified my writing game! With its AI-Writer now become an indispensable part of my workflow. The dark and light mode feature is a big win for those long working hours. The built-in features chat and preset templates make content regeneration and summarization a breeze.
Can't wait for the iOS version to come :)


Perfect assistant and great new updates!

This is not some product that is only partially baked. Both the Chrome extension and the web app are completely functional.
It is the same as having an assistant working alongside you. It helps me research topics, compose essays, and even edit and improve the stuff I produce.
I enjoy how clean the UI is since it makes navigating the site very easy. In addition, there is a mobile application that can be downloaded and installed.
It is also convenient to have access to ChatGPT4, which is a plus.


Loving it so much

To begin with, I appreciate the clean interface, which makes navigation very simple. Additionally, the availability of a mobile app and compatibility with Chrome has greatly facilitated my AI journey.



Excellent product! Wow, it would literally take me all day (if not longer) to generate what Desksense generates in a few seconds. Would definitely purchase it again or advise purchasing.


Multifunctional tool like an army knife.

Very convenient and easy to use with Chrome's extended functionality. Moreover, it is speedy.
It is also nice to be able to use ChatGPT4.
I have several AI tools, but this is the one I use the most now.
It is useful for research, summarizing text, creating blog content, etc.
It is also possible to save and share. Please give it a try. Highly recommended.


Great App & UI

Nice tool to use on PC or mobile and get the instant required content & save it for future use.
Would be the best if the tier 3 - gets the unlimited words - which not limit users to use this unique tool daily.



Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, our extension is only available for Google Chrome and Edge. But we do have plans to incorporate other browsers too. To download & Install the extension, please open the Google Chrome Store in your chrome browser: and search for Desksense. You'll see an extension page where you'll get an option to install it on your browser.

It's cloud-based storage that comes with your account where you can save Desksense results from Desksense Extension in one click. You can even favorite & tag your results during saves.

Since we are working with OpenAI, a prompt refers to the initial input given to generate text or complete a task. It can be a few words or a complete sentence or even a paragraph.
Context, on the other hand, refers to the additional information provided to help it understand the broader meaning and intention behind the prompt.
For example, if the prompt is "Write a summary of the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird,'" the context could be the entire book, which helps the Desksense model understand the characters, plot, and themes of the book and generate a more accurate summary.

Yes, you need to log in before using Desksense. You'll enjoy a Free account that will include a Free daily usage quota and a web app where you can save the responses from OpenAI for later use.

Simply click the Desksense Pro button from the extension window and you'll be redirected to the plan and billing page in Desksense App. You can bill according to your need.

You receive a response or an answer from our Desksense Extension based on your prompts. Once received, you'll get an option to save that response in your Desksense account by clicking the save icon. That's all. In addition, if you wish to add tags and favorites, you can do that as well on the go.


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